Jeanette Fintz is an abstract painter, who resides and paints in Surprise, New York in the upper Hudson River Valley. She is also an arts writer and independent curator. The intermix of being a native New Yorker and now, happily, a resident of the lush Hudson River Valley is evident in her work, which combines an urban edginess with the lyrical influences of her natural surroundings. 

Fintz was born in Brooklyn NY, educated at Queens College, The New York Studio School and Boston University. Her personal amalgam of NY School formalist principles, and love of natural light and color was initially forged during her summer at the Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture where she painted from the Maine landscape. Fintz lived and worked in the artist communities of Tribeca and Williamsburg, exhibiting regularly in NYC. She credits the importance of natural light for her decision to transplant home and studio to Surprise.

Fintz has filtered nature through her urban sensibility, stretching color motifs towards the heightened and intensified palette often found in the realms of design and fashion. Her pieces have a rhythmic impact stemming both from her enjoyment of jazz and polyrhythms of Brazilian and Indian origin, which she also sees displayed in the visual rhythms found in textiles and Islamic tile patterns. Fintz's involvement with these resources was enhanced by sabbatical travel to Spain’s Andalusia Region (2005 & 2009) to investigate patterning systems found in Moorish tiles and architecture, and to Turkey (2013), where she focused on the Iznik, Byzantine and Greco-Roman tiles and frescoes. Fintz also had immersed herself in textile patterns and Ikat designs during her yearlong sojourn in Malaysia, where she was founding faculty in a new Parsons School of Design affiliate in Kuala Lumpur (1996-97).

The intuitive rhythmic order of Fintz's paintings prior to 2009 which featured repetitive lines, circles and ellipses clashing with fluid gestural streams of color have given way fully in the new work to a given crystalline geometric substructure that unifies all visual events. This work embraces and employs the Oneness found in sacred geometry as the underpinning for improvised pathways that give each work its uniqueness. Shapes that are found have a “role” to play, to riff off some of Fintz's series titles. The earlier pieces acknowledge through the unexpected visual event, the imperfection of the human condition while the newer geometries strive for the expression of spiritual wholeness and connection.


Worldline Schreiber by Jeanette Fintz at Garvey|Simon
Worldline Schreiber Paintings
Garvey|Simon opens an exhibition of recent paintings by Jeanette Fintz
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