Bentley Meeker is an American artist and lighting designer. Meeker's artistic practice is concerned with the properties of light. In 2014, he created The "H” in Harlem, a large scale public art installation suspended under the 125th St and 12th Ave viaduct in Harlem. In 2016, Meeker was commissioned by Michelle Obama to create a light sculpture for the Nordic state dinner at The White House. He has been a featured artist at Burning Man in Northwestern Nevada, creating the lighting for the Temple of Transition, Temple of Whollyness, and Temple of Promise. Additionally, he has shown at the Southampton Center for the Arts, The Whitney Museum of American Art, National Arts Club, the CORE:club and galleries in Chelsea and SoHo. Outside of art, Meeker is the founder and president of Bentley Meeker Lighting & Staging, Inc., a lighting company known for creating unique light environments for various events


Garvey|Simon Presents Bentley Meeker: Exploring Light