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Artist statement:

To execute photorealistic drawings takes commitment, patience, and stillness. The heart slows, blood pressure lowers, and the mind stays in a meditative state of now. There is satisfaction seeing the trail of your mark making transform white paper into something else entirely. Calm lives in the order of things, so one must know where point A is and where point B ends while moving a pencil across paper. A noisy world quiets when the eye, brain, hand, and breath are in sync. There is magic in the simplicity of moving the head of a pencil across white paper in order to create the grand illusion of realism. The pleasure of seeing tangible evidence of one’s time spent having covered white paper with a tiny pencil point, might be similar to the gratification of stitching or knitting. I have been inspired by art historical references of fabric and garments, especially the Dutch masters. I can immediately be percieved as an abstract artist if I simply allow my drawings to leave the confines of the rectangular shaped paper.


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