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I really like Daniel Featherstone's photographs. A lot of them stop me in my tracks, Kafka-like, with some inner ocean of shock or recognition.  - Jerry Saltz


Daniel Featherstone’s street portraits ARE New York City. On every face you can see the big dreams and the struggles, the singular passions and the learned cynicism of the people who make the City their home. I could look at them all day. - Bill Shapiro, Former Editor-In-Chief, LIFE Magazine


Daniel surfaces the extraordinary characters of New York City that are most often overlooked. His rich tapestry of these subjects is a reminder of the incredible gravitational pull and embrace of individuality this city has, and is what make New York the most unique city in the world. -Jody Quon, Director of Photography, New York Magazine



During the 80s I was a graffiti writer in England and used a cheap film camera for documenting my work. I later became a graphic designer and art director where having a camera just became an essential tool. I started a collection of abstractions and other simplifications which created the foundation of my style.

New York is a transient hub of such diversity, it’s an essential place for street photographers of all backgrounds. The characters that I interact with range from the plastic surgery aristocracy to naïve tourists to the underprivileged homeless; they are all present. I find for the most part, the people I shoot are usually oblivious to me which makes for a much more serendipitous moment. You can usually find me at a famous spot, upper midtown on 57th street and 5th Avenue.



Daniel Featherstone was born in Poole, England in 1970, where he began his artistic career as a graffiti artist. Inspired by the emergence of Hip Hop culture, Featherstone found joy and rebellion in painting. He emigrated to New York in the early 90s to pursue graphic design, and has since served as the Art Director at Polo Ralph Lauren and the Director of Men’s and Women’s Graphics at Nautica. Featherstone’s early photography practice was fostered by the legendary Bill Cunningham, capturing icons of midtown Manhattan.  His street photography has been featured in New York Magazine, The New Yorker, Town & Country, Il Fotografo, and American Photography magazine. He has received recognition from Pulitzer Prize-winning art critic, Jerry Saltz and former Editor-in-Chief of LIFE Magazine, Bill Shapiro, He is also the recipient of the 2020 Golden Cube Award. Daniel Featherstone lives and works in New York City.


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