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JOAN GRUBIN makes dimensional installations and wall works using paper that play with color as physical pigment, and color as visible but immaterial light reflected off the wall. Her project over the past decade has been to create optical experiences which raise questions about the discrepancy between what we see and what we know. Grubin has been drawn to paper for its humility, and readiness to be used for the purpose of serious play.


Another body of work has recently emerged, “The Detritus Series”, made from the material covering her work table all these years of applying paint to sheets of paper. Noticing the dazzling layered accumulation of random brush strokes, she began to make radically small collages from this compressed fiber material. These “paintings” using only accidental mark-making float out from the wall, casting reflected color on the wall behind from fluorescent paint on the back. Her intention is to push scale downwards to one of intense compression, to the point where “small” can feel monumental.


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Apartment Therapy features Joan Grubin as an alternative to painting your walls.

Joan Grubin on The Brooklyn Rail
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26 Jan. 2017
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4 Jan. 2017
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