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Artist Statement

I always thought that all produce included beautiful and Ugly Produce, because I saw it firsthand from the garden, and didn't know that there was a distinction between the two. I saw all different shapes, colors, and sizes, and we ate it all. ​It's because we used to buy directly from the organic farmers in Southern California and pick organic produce from our own garden. I just love to see, touch, feel, cook, and eat fresh produce. I was brought up on it!  I thought imperfect farmers market organic produce was beautiful, and that the perfect, uniform produce from grocery stores, not labelled organic, was ugly.

I started hearing stories about Ugly Produce and reading about it, and became alarmed, and ashamed about our Food Waste Problem. I have now focused my energy on this issue. I know that I have something to contribute and can help!


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VIRTUAL WALK-THROUGH OF MANIC BOTANIC Hosted by The Blue Review Project Space, curated by Garvey|Simon and Dina Brodsky

Join us in our virtual gallery for a stay-at-home walk-through of our exhibition, Manic Botanic. 

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