"Margot Glass focuses on drawing grasses, weeds, and other plants considered mundane or undesireable to illuminate the hidden beauty in overlooked natural subjects, elevating them through close examination. Her choice to work in gold point and graphite allows for the play of light on the line to enhance the ornamental delicacy and ephemeral quality of the natural forms she draws."

"Magic Plants," Orion Magazine, Summer 2019


Margot Glass in Watercolor Artist Magazine
Margot Glass in American Art Collector Standing Still, by John O'Hern
Plant Cure - in collaboration with Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Orion Magazine Behind the Cover: Margot Glass, Dandelion
Woven Tale Press, June 2019
Landing the Museum Show; Ilona Pachler Makes Waves in Santa Fe
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26 Jan. 2017
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4 Jan. 2017
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